Bespoke and made-to-measure blinds

Our bespoke and made-to-measure blinds are perfect for every room in your home

Our Bespoke Roman Blinds

Our beautiful bespoke Roman blinds offer clean, simple lines and can be used together with
or as an alternative to curtains.

Our Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are our most popular soft fabric blind. They can be lined, interlined and blackout lined, and are mostly hand-finished giving a superior visual result. When operated they move upwards into gentle folds, and when lowered, open out into a flat hanging panel. They function via a child safe chain operated head rail, or via motorisation.

Our Privacy Roman Blinds

Our Privacy Roman blinds are made from sheer or semi sheer fabric. They are a great partner to curtains and lined roman blinds, providing privacy during the daytime hours whilst still allowing plenty of light to penetrate into the room. When operated they move upwards into soft folds, and when lowered open out into a flat hanging panel. They function mostly via a child safe chain operated head rail, but can be motorised if preferred.

Other made to measure blinds

We supply a wide range of made to measure blinds and can advise which style will be a good option for you based on room setting and functionality requirements. Lush Interiors are proud to be a UK supplier of  BLIND SCREEN, VELUX and INTU blinds.

Blind Screen Blinds

Blind ScreenTM is bringing something new to the market for windows and doors by combining a honeycomb blackout blind or scene set blind with a pleated fly screen. Offered in 3 basic models to accommodate windows and door sizes and up to 4-6 metres, this unique product can accommodate year-round weather conditions.

There are 4 screen types to choose from which are the pleated fly screen, the honeycomb privacy screen, the honeycomb scene set screen and the blackout screen. All can be used independently as well as together with the fly screen.

The screens operate by hand and are drawn across the window or door.  When installed independently, the blackout screen can achieve 100% blackout, so they are ideal for bedrooms and cinema rooms where darkness is the priority.

Their honeycomb design contains a thermal barrier providing protection from the cold air outside as well as providing protection from incoming hot air during the summer months.

View the video to see it in action

Standard Roller Blinds

Economical and versatile, the Roller Blind is a practical and  popular window covering option. Available in hundreds of plain, textured, patterned and blackout fabrics, made-to-measure roller blinds can be ideal for most rooms in your home. Add a fascia to elevate the finished look or use as layering to your curtains and blinds.

Do you have your own fabric? It can be possible to have it made up as a roller blind bringing a degree of personalisation into your home.

If you require total blackout in your bedrooms it can be worth considering Total Blackout Bedroom Roller Blinds. Encasement around the edges of the blind blocks out all outside light.

Roller blinds function via child safe chain operated head rails. Consider motorisation where you have multiple or larger windows where blinds can become heavy.

Privacy and Screen Roller Blinds

Made from stiffened sheer or semi sheer fabric, Privacy Roller Blinds are designed to provide privacy from the outside world during the daytime hours whilst still allowing floods of light into your home. Available in various shades from bright whites to darks they offer both a discreet and practical addition to your windows. They make a superb enhancement to curtains and
roman blinds softening the light that comes into your room.

As window sizes and door areas expand in our home, continuous sunlight and heat penetration can prevent us from living comfortably in those areas. Screen Roller Blinds with their solar reflective and heat absorbing qualities, are a great solution. They will provide sun and heat relief whilst offering daytime privacy and outward vision. Screen blinds also have the ability to prevent glare, enabling us to work at our computer screens with clarity and comfort.

Vertical Blinds

If you have large windows and doors in your home or office, vertical blinds could be your one stop solution. With directional light control they are ideal for window recesses and sliding doors. Vertical Blinds come in a wide variety of plain or patterned fabric designs from sheer to blackout. They operate via a hand wand, stacking discreetly when open and are child safe by design.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds with their horizontal slats offer practical window shading. They are available in wood, faux wood and alluminium, and come in a variety of contemporary colours and finishes. Light can be filtered throughout the day whilst retaining privacy from passers by.

Eclipse INTU Blinds

If you are looking for a modern and stylish blind with added benefits, Eclipse INTU blinds could be a great solution for you.

Eclipse INTU blinds fit onto your windows and glazed doors without the need for drilling thus preserving your UPVC frames. Also suitable for tilt and turn windows they allow you to open and close them with the blinds in place.

Eclipse INTU blinds are available as Pleated, Hive Cellular (honeycombe), INTU Micro for bi-fold doors, Roller and Metal Venetian.

Choose from sheer or standard shading fabrics, heat reflective or solar backed fabrics, heat blocking and sound absorbant fabrics, moisture resitant fabrics, blackout and more.

Eclipse INTU blinds are child safe by design and Lush Interiors are proud to be a UK supplier of Eclipse INTU blinds.

Double Roller Blinds

If you are looking for a privacy blind that works for you during the day and into the evening, Double Roller blinds could be the answer. Designed with alternate bands of translucent and opaque fabric, partial or full visiblilty is achieved by moving two layers past each other. Control how much privacy you have whilst still allowing daylight to penetrate the room.

Modern and stylish by design, Double Roller blackout fabric is also available for rooms where a larger degree of privacy is required right into the evening.

Velux Blinds

VELUX offer a range of roller, pleated and venetian blinds for VELUX windows. There are two operating choices depending on the window type you have. There is manual operation via telescopic rod if the windows are high, or alternatively there is motorisation using electric or solar-power operation controlled via a handset or wall switches.

The fabrics are available in a variety of colours from pales to patterns to brights, with a mix of sheer to standard shading to blackout to heat blocking, plus a two-in-one day and night option.

Lush Interiors are proud to be a VELUX UK supplier

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are located onto your window without the need for any drilling, thus preserving your window frames. They can be an ideal choice for conservatories and other smaller windows.

Perfect Fit blinds come with a surrounding frame that blocks additional light giving you the added benefit of maximum privacy. Perfect Fit comes in a range of soft fabric styles such as pleated, honeycomb, roller and double roller, and you can choose from a range of colours and functionality such as sheer and standard shading, thermal and blackout.

Perfect Fit blinds are also available as metal venetians in a range of  contemporay colours and finishes to suit.

Lush Interiors are a trusted supplier of Perfect Fit Blinds.


As we make advances in Smart technology, motorisation can become a useful alternative to manually operated blinds providing a modern solution for todays home interiors.

Power options include rechargeable battery operation which is wire free, or hard-wire connection to the mains power in your home. Both options can be operated by remote control handset or by wall switch, and with use of Smart technology can also be controlled via your smart device.

Motorisation is also perfect for hard-to-reach windows, and is a practical solution for the operation of larger or heavier blinds and curtains.

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