Pelmets, Embellishment and Cushions

Providing layering and enrichment


Though its original purpose was to cover unattractive curtain tracks, Pelmets provide other practical benefits such as blocking unwanted light and drafts from your window, so have never really gone out of fashion.

Today, Pelmets are chosen as an alternative to the curtain pole or decorative curtain track. Aesthetically, they add their own interest to window dressings, adding the illusion of height and elegance to a window where desired. Pelmets can be made in various shapes and sizes to suit the window size and room style, and can be embellished with borders or trims to give them a point of difference.

Borders and Trims

Applying borders, decorative trim or other embelishment to your curtains, blinds and soft furnishings adds an element of charm and difference. Add those finishing touches to create a fully bespoke result.


Bring joy and comfort into your home with bespoke cushions. Soft and cosy, striking and noticable, the choice is yours. However you choose, they will enrich your living space.

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